Want Rush's Tea?

      You may have made a typo.

Rush Limbaugh's "Two If By Tea" web site

...is a different web site.  Did you intend to enter one of the sites below?

  • 2ifByTea.com

  • TwoIfByTea.com

  • 2IfByT.com

  • TwoIfByT.com?

If so, you mistyped the URL, but you can click here  to go straight to his site.

Rush Limbaugh has launched his own line of Tea.  At launch, the tea was available in 2 flavors, both in diet and regular form.  The two flavors are regular and raspberry.

Rush's official web site for the tea is here.

His tea is great for gifts.  I recommend ordering at least two cases.  Keep one as a collectors item and drink the other.  According to his site, shipping is free, except to Alaska and Hawaii.

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